Roster - Import Shift [Express]

Instead of assigning shifts to your employees one at a time, you may use the Import feature in the Attendance Configuration. 

Download existing employees listing

The steps are as follow:

Step 1: Click on mceclip0.png

Step 2: Click on mceclip2.png

Step 3: At the mceclip4.png , click on the mceclip5.png

Step 4: The system will download the roster unto your computer as a CSV file. We will use that later for the importation of shift.


 Shift Creation

Step 5: Click on Roster under Attendance

Step 6: Click on 

Step 7: Click on 

Step 8: Provide a Shift ID in 


Step 9: Provide a Shift Name in 



Step 10: Put in the date where the shift will start in



Step 11: Put the number of days per shift (going up to 49 days) in the 


Step 12: State the number of hours per day the staff must fulfill



Step 13: State the number of hours for a half-day the staff must fulfill



Step 14: State whether staff need to work on PH by select the relevant radio button

Step 15: Configure the start time and end time for each day of the week. Note you must at least a Rest Day. Or else the system would not know when to stop. Incidentally, in accord with MOM regulation, you need to provide at least 1 day of rest. 



Step 16: Click on  and you see that the system will calculate the for you.


Step 17: Click on  to save the shift.


Enter Shift Name in the Downloaded Roster

Step 18: Open up the CSV file you downloaded in Step 3.

Step 19: Enter the shift names into the respective days you wish to assign the staff to. If it is off-day, use the word offIf it is rest day, use the word rest.


Step 20: Delete Column A


Step 21: Save the file

Importing the file

Step 22: Click on mceclip2.png

Step 23: Click on mceclip4.png

Step 24: Select the month which you wish to import the roster at mceclip6.png

Step 25: State the break time duration at mceclip8.png

Step 26: Upload the file you have amended from Step 19 - 21 at the mceclip10.png

Step 27: Click on mceclip11.png. System will prompt to confirm action


Step 28: Click on the mceclip13.png

Step 29: If imported successfully, the system will show this mceclip14.png

Check Shift Import

Step 30: You can check the import by click on the mceclip15.png tab

Step 31: Click on the Name at mceclip16.png

Step 32: You should see the imported schedule based on names











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