Generating IRAS Export (XML) file and direct submission

This article will show you how to generate IRAS Export file as well as how to do a direct submission to IRAS. In order for you to do a direct submission, you must join the Auto Inclusion scheme.

The steps to generating the IRAS Export file are as follow:

Step 1: Log in to JustLogin 

Step 2: Click on 

Step 3: Select 

Step 4: Click on the . The following page will appear

Step 5: Select the appropriate tax year (Please note that your submission should always be for the current tax year.)

Step 6: At the Form/Export type, select 

Step 7: Select the employees you wish to include for this tax export generation

Step 8: Select the Organization ID Type

Step 9: Ensure that the Organization ID, contact person information is all there as this is vital so that IRAS can contact this person should they have any query.

Step 10: At the Batch Indicator field, select 

Step 11: At the Batch date, enter the date you are executing this run 

Step 12: Once all the information is correctly inputted, click on the   button. The system will start generating the IRAS Export file. 

Step 13: Once the file generation has been successfully completed, you will see this:

Step 14: To view and check what had been generated, you can click on the   icon at the end of the row. The following page will appear

Step 15: To  preview, click on the . The system will show you the full details of the content of the file including the details for each employee.

Step 16: Once you have verified that the information is correct, click on the button twice.

Step 17: To submit this file to IRAS, click on the  button. 

Step 18: Scroll down and you should see the following table 

Step 19: Click on the appropriate button:

 - Click on this if you are submitting your company's tax information

- Click on this if you are submitting on behalf of your client

Step 20: Once you do so, continue by clicking CONFIRM and a pop-up window will appear where you will need to log-in using SingPass:


Step 21: Please input your SingPass details and make sure you have Authorization to submit in behalf of the company. Click here for authorization guide.

Step 22: You will see this page next:

Step 23: Click on 

Step 24: After doing so, the pop-up window will disappear. Please scroll down and look for "View Details for Submitted Files" Click on the "book icon" on the right-most side. This will show you the submission status as well as any error/warning messages

Step 25: Once you click on the book icon, you will see the submission status. Please click on the "triangle/warning" icon

Step 26: The message is from the IRAS server, asking you to confirm your submission

Step 27: If all are in order, you can go ahead and click on 

Step 28: You should then see the Submission Reference Number. Please use the reference number to print out the acknowledgment receipt by logging in to My Tax Portal

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