How to import Attendance information using Import Attendance feature [Express]

You can through the Import Attendance feature in Attendance Administration to import attendance information for the staff.

Note: This function is to insert or add the data, it does not amend and/or delete. If there is existing data to a certain date it will not overwrite but will retain the original data.


To import the attendance information, do the following:

1.  Click on mceclip1.png

2. Select mceclip0.png

3. Click on mceclip2.png

4. Click on mceclip3.png

5. The system will download a csv file onto your computer. 

6. Open the template and it should look like this:


7. At the UserID, enter the information you wish such as the UserID, Date (M/D/YYYY), Clock Time, User Operation (only In/Out), Comments (optional), ProjectCode/ClientCode/LocationCode (optional) .

8. Save the file.

9. Go back to the mceclip2.png page

10. Click on the Drop files here to upload


11. Select the csv file you had modified.

12.  Click on mceclip7.png

13. This pop-up message will appear



14. Click on the mceclip10.png

15. You can check the imported attendance by going to the mceclip12.png tab and select the date and you should be able to see the imported attendance.



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