What if one of the approvers on eForm has resigned?


It happens that when the approving officers have resigned, the forms will be left unapproved.  Below are the options we can do in order to avoid any delays in forms approval


Workaround Number 1

The super admin must go under User admin >> Employee details to update the email address and password.


Step 1: mceclip0.png

Step 2: mceclip2.png

Step 3: mceclip3.png

Step 4: Look for the name of the employee and click on the “Edit” icon


Step 5: Update the password and email address of the staff:


NOTE: If it happens that the approving officer’s account has been deactivated, the super admin must go under “Deactivated” page and reactivate the account. He can then perform the update of the email address and password.



The admin can log in and change the old approver’s email address and reset their password. Once the password is reset, the admin can then log in using the approver’s credentials and approve or reject the forms.

Workaround Number 2.1

Update the approving officer list under the “Role Selection” or “Setup Approver” page and ask the applicant to submit a new form. The admin or the user should delete the old form to avoid any confusion or duplicates.

NOTE: Switch to Classic


Step 1: mceclip8.png

Step 2: mceclip9.png

Step 3: mceclip10.png

Step 4: Click on the “+” icon beside the name of the form you need to update:


Step 5: Update the approving officer and then ask the staff to resubmit form.



Workaround Number 2.2

NOTE: Switch to Classic


Step 1: mceclip14.png

Step 2: mceclip15.png

Step 3: mceclip16.png

Step 4: Choose the form you want to update


Step 5: Update the appropriate Approving Officers as necessary:



NOTE: The admin can delete old form submitted by clicking on “x” button under Reports page.


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