How do we integrate eForms and QBO


There is a feature on Justlogin wherein we can directly integrate eForms to QBO. This guide will show you how it is done step by step.


NOTE: This has to be done on Classic

Step 1: Switch to Classic mceclip2.png

Step 2: Go to  mceclip3.png

Step 3: Click on mceclip4.png

Step 4: Click on Connect to Quickbooks


Step 5: Once connected, please go to mceclip6.png

Step 6: Click on mceclip7.png

Step 7: Click on mceclip8.png

Step 8: Please put a tick inside the checkbox that says Integrate with Quickbooks Online


Step 9: Once you have put a tick, you will see the page below. Please indicate the data on the "Paid From" field. This will ensure that the transfer to QBO will be successful.


Step 10: You can then setup the account codes you have created on your Quickbooks Online Account to the page above.


Once properly integrated, forms that have been submitted and for reimbursement status will show up on your Quickbooks account.

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