How to Setup eForm’s Interface Setup Page and How Will it Affect Payroll?


To determine the correct values on each field on the form and how the admin will be able to transfer it to payroll with the correct setup.  


Step 1: (On Classic) Click on mceclip0.png

Step 2: Click on mceclip1.png

Step 3: Go to mceclip2.png. You will see the page below:


Link expense types to pay element IDs - This page would require the admin to map the expense type to the correct pay element ID in order to show it on Payroll correctly.

On the below image, the Entertainment expense type is mapped to pay element “Entertainment”. After transferring the form to Payroll, I will be able to see this pay element with the amount expected to be claimed. The same will have to be done to the other expense types in your system.



Link Forms to Expense Types - This part is for forms that have Total Amount Field to be linked to the Expense types. This is to make the above setup work and to show the total amount to the Pay element chosen above when transferred to Payroll.


What are the correct values to choose for every field?  

  • Expense Type – if you want to transfer the claims to payroll, you will need to choose the correct expense type available.

There are some cases wherein the form will have mixed expense types used by the applicant. Here, you will need to choose “use expense types within the form” to ensure they are mapped according to the expense types and pay elements chosen above.


  • Expense Type Field – this can be either be “Type of Expense” or NA. If the form is transferrable to payroll, you should choose “Type of Expense”. On the other hand, “NA” would mean that the value is not available and will not be used on payroll.
  • Account Code Field – this is as important as the other fields mentioned above. When the expense type is created, the account code is available. This field should have an “account code” chosen in order to transfer the amount to Payroll. If it is not to be used in payroll, the admin can simply choose NA.
  • Total Field – this field displays the total amount of the expense type. If the correct mapping is set, then the applicant is required to input the amount spent.
  • Amount Field – if you have chosen the correct mapping on the total field, this gets unclickable and unchangeable. It will stay as “NA” and will not affect the overall form functionality. It is suggested to populate Total Field instead as this displays different options while the Amount field is limited and often shows NA.
  • GST and Before GST – these will allow applicants to input the GST and before GST amount of expense. These are optional fields and will not affect the other functions. This is just for display purposes.

Below is a sample of form with correct mapping:


NOTE: If you are changing the configuration on the Interface Setup page, previous forms submitted will not be transferred to payroll. Those forms submitted after the updates made are the only forms the admin can push to payroll module.

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