How can Staff request Off-In-Lieu via Leave Module?


This will show users how to request for Off-in-Lieu in exchange for Overtime (OT) rendered if the staff are allowed to. Once the staff has sent in a request, it still needs to be approved by the Leave Approvers.


Step 1: Go to leave.png

Step 2: Click on dashboard.png. You will see this page:


Step 3: Click on off_in_leau.png. You will be brought to the page similar to the image below:


Step 4: Choose the type of Leave in exchange for OT rendered


Step 5: Identify the OT Period, from (starting day) and to (ending day)


NOTE: For multiple days, there will be an option if FULL DAY or PARTIAL, select accordingly. 

  • If PARTIAL DAY is chosen, modify the hours on each of the days and check the TOTAL field if the value is correct


  • If FULL DAY is chosen, modify directly in the TOTAL field


Step 6: Place in additional remarks to inform Leave Approver 31.png

Step 7: Click 32.png to submit. 

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