How to let the Store Managers update their respective store Rosters, without giving them access to Attendance Configuration?


This can be helpful for cases wherein different levels of access would be given to some staff, without entirely letting the staff have access to the configuration of the Attendance module.

Step 1: Go to mceclip0.png

Step 2: Click on mceclip1.png

Step 3: Click mceclip2.png, this will bring you to the page below:


Step 4: Input Group ID into the fieldmceclip4.png

Step 5: Input Group Name  mceclip5.png

Step 6: Click on mceclip6.png

Step 7: Assign a Group Administrator mceclip7.png 

NOTE:  The “Read Only” tick box will allow Group admins to only view the roster but won’t be able to edit it if it is checked. 


Once the above steps are done, please refer to the guide on how to assign the staff to the Groups created in your system:

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