How to Configure Exchange Rate on eForm?


This guide will show how to make the exchange rate work on the eForm module, particularly for the Overseas Expense Claim Form.


Step 1: Click on mceclip0.png

Step 2: Click on mceclip1.png

Step 3: A new window will then pop out showing the page where you can start configuring the exchange rate. 


  • Month and Year – if your company uses this feature on a monthly basis, please ensure that you do the steps every month in order to show converted value on forms.
  • Base Currency – this is to which currency the foreign ones are to be converted to.
  • Currency – it is the currency of which was used during the transaction, prior to creating the form/ claim. Also known as transacted currency.
  • Rate – admins are required to manually key in the currency rate for a smooth conversion to the base currency.
  • Update – this button will be used when doing some changes to the existing record.
  • Delete – admin uses this to delete the existing currency set for the specific month.
  • Add New Row – when the admin needs to add in new currencies with rates, then this has to be clicked first and will add additional tables /rows.
  • Copy Previous Month Records – will simply copy the previous month’s currencies and rates.

Please note that this feature only works for Overseas Expense Claim form, intended for employees who are based overseas or have to visit other countries for business purposes.


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