What are things to check to ensure users can apply for their benefits?


To determine the factors which affect the benefit claim application of users.


Here are the things to check:

  • Did we configure the module correctly? The admin has to check these pages and make sure they are properly set according to the company’s requirements:


  • Did we set correct entitlement for each benefit group?

a) mceclip1.png

b) mceclip2.png

c) The fields within the red boxes should have correct values. 


d) At the bottom of the page, you can see the Warning indicating that there are some users who are not added as users to benefits. Please click on “click to configure now” if the employee isn’t shown on the table above. 


  • If approval is required, did we set the Approving officers for each / all users?



The admin must set the Approving Officer per Benefit Group so that when employees apply depending on the Benefits Group chosen, the system will read that someone will approve or reject the submitted benefit claims.



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