How to enable users to cancel the eBenefit request that they have submitted?


This article will show you how to enable the users to cancel the eBenefit request that they have submitted


NOTE: This should be done on the Classic interface

Step 1: Go to mceclip0.png

Step 2: Click on mceclip1.png

Step 3: Click on mceclip2.png

Step 4: Make sure that the option to cancel is allowed mceclip3.png

On the users' end:

Step 1:  Go to mceclip0.png

Step 2: Click on mceclip4.png

Step 3: Click on mceclip5.png

Step 4: This will show the user all Benefits requests that were already approved. User can then put a tick mark under the "Cancel" column to cancel the benefit approved, then click OK


NOTE: The benefit cancellation will go back to the approving officer to approve the cancellation request. If the user is unable to cancel the benefit, the admin can cancel in behalf of the user

Cancelling eBenefit request in behalf of the user:

Step 1: Go to mceclip0.png

Step 2: Click on mceclip7.png

Step 3: Click on mceclip8.png

You will see this page: 


Step 4: Look for the specific Benefit submission that you want to cancel and put a tick in the box beside it.

Step 5: Click on mceclip10.png

Once cancelled, the status will show as "cancelled by Admin"

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