How to setup External Calendar on Outlook and Google mail?


This enables us to synchronize the Justlogin leave calendar to your company's shared calendar to allow users to view who or how many staff have applied for leave on which days.


Step 1: Log in to the account as Leave Administrator. 

Step 2: Go to leave.png .

Step 3: Click on configuration.png .

Step 4: You will see company_settings.png .

Step 5: Look for other_policies.png .

Step 6: Put a tick on 'Sync approved leaves to external calendar' and key in the email address of the shared external calendar.


Step 7: Click on save.png .


NOTE: Instructions below are done on the shared calendar settings in the company's email account (either Outlook or Google Calendar).

On Outlook Calendar

Step 1: Log in to Outlook Shared calendar account with browser > Go to Setting > View all Outlook Settings


Step 2: Head over to calendar and make sure “Mark events as private is unchecked”


Step 3: Go to Shared Calendars and make sure the calendar is published.


Step 4: Copy the ICS link.


Step 5: Open your outlook email via app> Go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings > Internet Calendars > New


Step 6: Add in the .ics link you got from the shared calendar opened from browser.

Note: Change the link address from https://outlook.office365......... .ics to webcal://outlook.office365...... .ics


Step 7: Click “Add” and below screen appears. Enter the name of calendar and click ‘OK’.


Step 8: Go to Calendar, and you will see the shared calendar has been added to your calendar.

Note: If the shared calendar has many data to synchronize, the data won’t appear right away. It will take time to do it. You can check the status from Send/ Receive> Show Progress window.


On Google mail

Step 1: Log in to the external calendar Google account, click on the option, and select “Calendar”


Step 2: Under Calendar, click on Settings


Step 3: Click on mceclip14.png to show different settings.

Step 4: Proceed to mceclip15.png

Step 5: Make sure that the box for “Automatically add events” is checked. Also, the visibility should be “calendar by default”.


Step 6: Head over to the “Settings for my calendar” section and click on the calendar to where you are sharing the leave applications from Justlogin.


Step 7: Proceed to “Access Permissions” and make sure it is set to be available to the public.


All leave applications submitted and approved after the configuration will be shown on the external calendar.

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