Leave Cross-Company Approval


This is to show how the Administrator can assign an Approver from another company without the need to create a separate user profile. This option will allow your staff from Company A to approve the leaves submitted by another staff from Company B, and vice versa.

To do this, both companies must share their account directories.


Step 1: Login to Company A as the SuperAdmin. 

Step 2: Go to User Admin.


Step 3: Click on settings2.png 

Step 4: Click on share_directory.png

Step 5: Enter the company ID for company B and click share_directory2.png at bottom right.




Step 6: Repeat the same steps 1 to 5, this time for company B to share its directory to company A.

Step 7: To assign a staff from company A with the leave approver in company B, login to company B.

Step 8: Click on leave.png 

Step 9: Click on configuration.png 

Step 10: Click on ROAO_Admin.png 

Step 11: Search for the name of the employee and click on the "edit" icon pencil_icon.png 


Step 12: Click on the man icon selector_icon.png to select and assign the leave approver.

Step 13: A pop-up window will appear with the default view as “My Company”. You can click on the drop-down list to select the other company. Select the approver and click 138.png 


Step 14: Once assigned, don't forget to click on check.pngto save your settings.


If Share Directory has been set, Leave Admins will have an option to access the other entity's leave calendar from Dashboard, at the same time generate cross-entity leave reports. 


See Reports > Corporate



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