Can we process 2 months' worth of salary for a leaving staff?

It is possible to process 2 months' worth of salary for a staff who has completed employment for those months. However, it would be important to note that if a staff is leaving mid-month, the salary will not be prorated by the system.

To process 2 months' worth of salary, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to the account

Step 2: Click on mceclip0.png

Step 3: Click on mceclip1.png

Step 4: Click on mceclip2.png and look for the name of the resigning staff

Step 5: (Optional) Go to mceclip3.png to add any No Pay Leaves that the staff may have taken

Step 5.1: (Optional) Go to mceclip4.png to add any OT hours that the staff might have rendered

Step 5.2: (Optional) Go to mceclip5.png to add any expenses that the staff might have incurred

Step 5.3: (Optional) Go to mceclip6.png to process any benefits that the staff might be entitled to.

Step 6: Once done updating all the pay elements for the resigning staff, click on mceclip7.png

Step 7: Complete all the fields on the New Payrun Page. Make sure to change the Payroll Period field to cover the 2 month period of salary for the staff.mceclip8.png

Step 8: Process Payrun as usual.

NOTE: The steps above will only be applicable for a resigning staff who has completed two whole months of the salary period. If the staff is leaving mid-month, and you want the system to prorate the salary of the staff, you will need to process the payrun for individual months. To do this, update the cessation date of the user first, and then process the payrun as normal.

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