Setting up PIN Protected Payslip

If you want to enable a second layer of security when releasing the payslips to your staff via email, you can enable this option so that the staff will need to input their Payslip PIN before accessing the PDF copy of their payslip.


  • Check if the option to release payslip via email is enabled.

Step 1: Go to PAYROLL.png

Step 2: Click on configuration.png

Step 3: Under the general.png tab, click on config_2.pngsub-tab

Step 4: Make sure that the option to send PDF payslip is ticked


  • Once this is enabled, users will have to follow the steps indicated in this guide to activate and input their PIN. (Link here to guide users to Set up Payroll PIN)

When the payslip is released to the staff via their email, they will be prompted to enter the PIN they have input before they can view the contents.

NOTE: This will only affect the payslips that will be released after PIN creation.


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