Why are there auto-adjustments after the leave balance transfer process?


Once the leave balance transfer has been completed, you might observe that there are auto-adjustments done by the system for Annual and Annual Brought Forward leave types. This article will explain the purpose of the auto-adjustments in your system.


Employees can submit leave application for the following year as early as today, as long as there are leave balances.

However, we strongly suggest opening the leave submission for the following year right after the leave balance transfer is done. Otherwise, there will be auto adjustments which cause confusion most of the time.


The company is scheduled to do leave transfer on June 30, 2020, for any remaining balance from 2019. This means that the 2020 leave application is not still open.

Leave Balance from 2019


Leave Balance Transfer Rules:


This means that after the leave balance transfer, the employee should have 5 days of Annual Brought Forward to consume until the 31st of July, 2020.

The employee submitted leave application using Annual for 4.5 days before the leave transfer schedule, in this case, here is what will happen after the Leave balance transfer is done:


The system will automatically make the necessary adjustments on the balances since the leave application was done before the leave balance transfer has completed, which will then reflect as an auto-adjustment in the system.


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