Why is the Annual Brought Forward (ABF) Leave type not showing in Entitlement & Details page?


 Starting 01 January 2022, Annual (Brought Forward) will no longer be used.


There are 2 reasons why the Annual Brought Forward (ABF) leave type is not showing under the Entitlement and Details page.

  • Leave Balance Transfer hasn't been done on the system

This usually occurs for companies who joined in the middle of the year as the automatic Leave Balance Transfer happens at the end of the year.


  • Leave Balance Transfer has been completed however the configuration is set to the "No Grace Period" option.


If this option is chosen, the transferred leave balance will be added to the staff's leave opening balance. Which explains why the leave type Annual Brought Forward is not showing. 



The only time that the Annual Brought Forward Leave Type will appear is if the options chosen are either

a. Set a grace period for the forfeited leave balance
b. Set a grace period for the transferred leave balance


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