How To Create Payroll Templates


Payroll Templates can be used for accounts that have 2 or more payruns each month. This will help save time adding/updating necessary pay elements per payrun.


Meal Allowance is given separately from Basic Pay. In this regard, Meal Allowance can be saved in Adhoc Template then Basic Pay can be saved in Monthly Template.


Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Go to PAYROLL.png

Step 3: Click on admin.png You will be brought to the Employee Pay Details tab

Step 4: Search for the name of the employee and click on the pencil_icon.png


Step 5:  On Update Pay Information, add all pay elements required for Monthly Template.

Note: Basic Salary as an example.


Step 6: Click on mceclip0.png at the lower-left area of your screen

Step 7: Click on mceclip1.png at the upper area of your screen


Step 8: Choose Monthly Template and then 249.png



Creating Adhoc Template:

Step 9: Remove all pay elements not required and add what is needed.

Note: Meal Allowance as an example


Step 10: Click on mceclip0.png button at the lower-left area of your screen

Step 11: Click on mceclip1.png at the upper area of your screen

Step 12: Choose Adhoc Template, and then Save



How to use the templates during the payrun:

Step 1: Make sure that the correct template is loaded before doing a payrun. In the Update Pay Information page, choose the template to use then click on the Get button.


Step 2: Once loaded, check if the amount and other details are correct. After verifying, you can do the Payrun as usual


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