How does application of Shared, Extended Maternity and Paternity Leave work in the system?


Unlike the other leave types, the application of some Statutory leave types like Extended Maternity, Paternity, and Shared Parental Leave works differently in the system.



If the Leave admin goes to the Entitlement and Details page, toggle to any of the 3 leave types and check the entitlement and opening balance, you can edit the values here.


The Entitlement is 5, but the Opening Balance is 20. By right, the employee should be able to consume up to 20 days of Shared Parental leave.

In this case, the calculation in the system works differently. The system allows the employee to only consume up to 5 days of Shared Parental leave. This leave type including Paternity Leave and Extended Maternity takes up to the Entitlement and disregards the Opening Balance.

Therefore, the formula used when displaying the remaining balance on the reports will be:

Available Adjustment + Yearly Entitlement - Taken since child’s date of birth until Age 1

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