What is the function of Form Admin under Form Administration


Assigning a Form Administrator allows the assigned staff to set up the approval workflow, reminder notifications and generate reports for the specific form only.


Note: The steps below can only be done via the Classic interface

Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Toggle to the Classic interface by clicking the area where you can see your name, and choose "switch to Classic"


Step 3: Once on the Classic interface, click on the mceclip1.pngtab at the top

Step 4: Click on mceclip2.pngsub-tab

Step 5: Go to mceclip3.png

Step 6: You will see a list of eForms enabled in your system and another field where you can assign an administrator for each form. Select the form administrator for the form by clicking on the table and select the person.


Step 7: A message will appear at the top once you have successfully assigned the staff to a form.


Additional Information:

An administrator for a specific form can perform three specific tasks:

  • Setup the approval workflow for the specific form


  • Create Reminders


  • Generate Reports



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