What happens when adjustments has expired? How does it reflect in the reports?


If your company has enabled the adjustment with expiry date function, the reports will identify if the credited adjustments are still active or already expired and will have an impact on the computation of the balance.


Let’s cite this as an example.

I have added/credited

4 days as an adjustment for this employee. This is effective from 1 Jan and expires on 29 Sep.



When the admin generates a report, it will show something like this


The adjustment has a separate column on the report and is divided into 2 sub-columns.

D1 (Total) – this shows the total number of adjustments made for this employee's annual leaves, including the expired adjustments.

D2 (Expired) – this shows the total number of adjustments that are expired and can no longer be used

Once there is an expired adjustment, there is no way that we can retract this even if you do another adjustment with the same effective and expiry dates. It will just stack up on the expired adjustments and will have an impact on the remaining balance of the employee’s leave.


In order to make sure that the system calculates the balance fairly, the below formula is followed before it gets added or deducted to the main balance.

D = D1 – D2, wherein D represents the total active adjustments.

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