New OT formula change


If this is enabled on the account, the admin can set the company’s own formula for Actual Hours, Incomplete Hours, OT1.0 Hourly Rate, OT1.5 Hourly Rate and OT2.0 Hourly Rate.

NOTE: This is a feature flagged item. If you would like this to be enabled on your account, please contact our support team:


Step 1: Go to 1.png

Step 2: Click on 2.png

Step 3: Click on 3.png

Step 4: Proceed to 4.png

Step 5: Please change the formula according to your company's requirements


Step 6: Put a tick in these boxes so that the updated formulas will be shown on the Working hours and OT field on the staff's pay information page


Step 7: Ensure that the codes are identified so that the hours are computed correctly.


Step 8: Click on 5.pngto save the changes made.


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