Different Types of Leave Reports


The Leave module has several reports available at your disposal. Each has its own functions and purposes. This article will explain the functions of each of those reports.

Leave Query – This is the report that administrators can generate to see the leave(s) submitted, dates applied, leave type, employee name, and the status of the leave (either approved, pending or canceled).


Administrators can also print this leave report with or without remarks. This is helpful if the administrator would like to see if the leave was done via Block leave.


Leave Balance Report – This is the report to generate if you want to see the current balance of the employee.

  • Based On Approved Leave - generate this if your company is on an Entitlement policy:


  • Based on Consumed Leave – This report is recommended for those companies using the leave policy “Earned” in order to see the actual balance based on the date you want to see.



Leave Individual Report – This report will show you all the leave types available to the staff and the current balance. You can filter by department and year.


Special Report – Administrators can generate this report to find out if the employee has already taken or have not taken a particular leave or not. You can filter by leave type, dates, and set a minimum leave day.




Corporate Leave Report – This is more of a configuration that might be needed in cases wherein you are managing the Leave module for several entities within the JustLogin system. If this is configured, the leave administrator will be able to generate the different Leave Reports in different entities without the need to log in/out of the account.


Note: For Corporate Leave Reports to work, the Shared Directory feature on UserAdmin has to be enabled for each of the entities involved.

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