What can be done for incorrect Leave Adjustment


On the leave module, the administrator has the right to credit (add) or debit (deduct) leaves from the staffs' balance. There could be instances when an incorrect credit/debit was done on the staff's leave balance. This can be rectified by following the steps below. Please NOTE that if the adjustment was done with an expiry date, the process shown below will not work.


If leave was credited (added) incorrectly:

Step 1: Log in to the account

Step 2: Go to leave.png

Step 3: Click on admin.png

Step 4: Look for the adjustments.pngtab at the top

Step 5: Under the adjustment_2.png sub-tab, select the correct leave type in this field:mceclip4.png

Step 6: Input the number of days of adjustment in this field:


Step 7: Select the adjustment type as "Debit"


Step 8: Add remarks, please. This will help to remind you why you are deducting a leave balance from the staff, and the remarks input in this field can also be seen by the staff on their end


Step 9: Put a tick beside the names of the users that you will be doing an adjustment for, then click on mceclip8.png

Step 10: You will get a notification that the adjustment has been completed and your view will change to the Adjustment History Page. This is where you can see all the adjustments done for each staff.


If leave was debited (deducted) incorrectly:

* Follow steps 1-6 in the instructions above.

Step 7: On the Adjustment Type field, please choose "Credit"


*Follow steps 8-10 in the instructions above.



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