Transferring Benefits into the Next Year


You can use your eBenefit module to transfer any remaining benefits your staff has in the current year into the next year. The steps shown in this guide needs to be done on the Classic interface of your account


Step 1: Login to your account

Step 2: Switch to the Classic interface by clicking on the area where you see your name and choose “Switch to Classic” from the menu


Step 3: Once on the Classic interface, click on eBenefit Tab


Step 4: Look  for the eBenefit Admin sub-tab


Step 5: Under eBenefit Admin, click on Balance Transfer


Step 6: Once you have done so, you will see the page similar to the image below:


Step 7: Please choose the benefit group you would like to transfer into the next year from the drop-down options:


Step 8: Next, please choose the option that satisfies your company’s requirements on the Benefit Transfer:


  • All benefit balance of the previous year – if you choose this, ALL remaining balance of the staff for the particular benefit group will be transferred over into the next year

  • Max $___ of previous year’s benefit balance – if this option is chosen, you can set a limit on the amount that can be transferred into the next year.

    The staff has a remaining balance of 180 for the Transportation Benefit Group
    Option number 2 is chosen, and the maximum amount set is 100
    Then, only 100 will be transferred into the next year, anything over 100 will be forfeited.

  • Max %___ of previous year’s benefit entitlement – for this option, the system will consider 3 factors: Percentage indicated, benefit entitlement of the staff, and the staff’s remaining balance.
    Staff’s Transportation Benefit Group entitlement is 500
    Option 3 is chosen, set at 50%.
    Then, the system will check the entitlement (500), 50% of the entitlement if 250 – this is the maximum amount that the system will allow to be transferred.

    If the staff has a remaining balance of 300 – then only 250 will be transferred, the rest are forfeited

    If the staff has a remaining balance of 180 – then the whole amount of 180 will be transferred

Step 9: Please double check that the transfer period (from year/to year) is correct


Step 10: After completing all of the steps above, please click on the Transfer button


Step 11: Once the transfer is successful, you should get the notification message as below:



  • Steps 1-10 will have to be repeated for each benefit group that you want to transfer
  • The transfer will affect all eBenefit users

If you want to check on the information that was transferred, kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1: Still on eBenefit module, click on the Reports tab


Step 2: Choose Summary Report


Step 3: From this page, choose the Year that you have transferred the benefits to


Step 4: Choose the benefit group that you have transferred:


Step 5: Click on Search


Step 6: The report will show you the details of the staffs’ entitlement and whatever has been transferred from the previous  year:


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