eForm - Pending Actions


On the Forms module, Approving officers will need to approve or reject the forms submitted by employees which can be included on the monthly disbursement of the employees’ salary via the Payroll module.



Under eForm in Classic, approvers should see mceclip0.pngtab. It is where they can see all pending forms which require their action whether to reject or approve or submit any forms that are saved as a draft.


This dashboard will show different statuses depending on the organization’s workflow of approval and the role of the person, and the number of forms requiring this action.

  1. To be entered – this status requires the person to update any forms which are saved as a draft and submit for approval.
  2. To be approved /verified/reimbursed – depending on the role of the employee, the status will show as pending and requires the attention to either approve (approving officer), verify (verification officer), or reimburse it (Financial officer).

Thus, if the employee is a verification officer, he will see the status as “to be verified”.


To Approve, verify, reimburse, or submit for approval, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Click on the number of forms that require attention


      2. Click on the action icon.


      3. You can then view the details of the form. Scroll down and you should be able to see Verify/Approve/Reimbursed button or Reject at the lower-left portion of the page.


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