eForm - Action History


This page is only available to employees who are required to do an action with the forms submitted.


Approving Officers should be able to see the mceclip0.png menu

Approval History – allows the officer to view all the forms which he/she has approved/rejected up to date.

He can then view the history of the approval by clicking on the mceclip1.png  button

He can also download and preview the actual form by clicking on mceclip2.pngThis generates a pdf copy of the form submitted.

He can also search for any form by keying in the Form ID through the mceclip3.pngfield



Another part of the Action History page is mceclip5.png  It is where the approving officer can assign someone to do the approval in his absence within a date range.


Please note: Only those names which appear in the approving officer list for each form will appear in the drop-down list. Any form forwarded to this person within the date range will show as pending on the delegated officer.

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