eForm - Reports


As a form administrator, you can view the details of each of the forms submitted by the employees via eForm Reports

There are 3 types of reports available in the eForm module and each are discussed in this guide:

General Report - this report will show the forms submitted, based on the filters used. It will show the details of each submission and each can be downloaded as a PDF copy or you can also generate an Excel format of the report



Click on the mceclip2.pngicon if you need to download the PDF copy of each form.

Click on the mceclip3.pngbutton to have a copy of all the forms. Basically an excel copy of this page showing all the forms.

mceclip6.pngallows you to print a PDF copy of the information that you can see on this page


Form Status Summary Report - This allows the admins to generate a report by form name and Status. The report will show the status of each report (either submitted, approved, reimbursed, processed)





Expense Type Reports - allows the admin to generate an expense report using the different fields including mceclip10.png This report is specifically geared towards different  expense types created within the eForm module


Please Note:  This is only applicable to the forms which have been approved by all officers in a workflow.




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