Submitting an Expense Request - Mobile App


Submitting an Expense request using JustExpense on the mobile app or web is convenient and easy. This guide will cover submission via the mobile app. Click here for the guide on how to submit via JustExpense web

Part 1: Prepare Expenses Record

Log in to the app

Step 1: Go to mceclip0.png

Step 2: Click on themceclip1.pngicon and you will be brought to a page where you can input the expense details that you would like to submit. 


Step 3: Click on mceclip3.pngto show the list of available categories

Step 4: Click on mceclip4.png and a calendar will show up for you to choose the date the expense was incurred. 

Step 5: Input the amount in mceclip5.png field (negative value is not allowed)

Step 6: (Optional) Tap on mceclip6.pngto view the different tax rates that you can choose from. 

Step 7: Type in a brief description on mceclip7.png the field.

Step 8: Tap onmceclip8.pngto add the expense to an existing report or to create a new report. You can also leave this blank at this point and add the expense to a specific report at a later time. 

Step 9: Tap on mceclip9.png to choose from your device’s photo gallery, or to take a photo of receipts or documents that you would like to attach to this submission. 

NOTE: The mobile app can auto-scan the receipt and populate the amount into Expenses detail when the user takes a photo of a receipt

Step 10: Click mceclip10.png in the upper right corner of your screen. 

Step 11: You should see the screen like the one below: 


NOTE: If you have multiple Expense records, continue to create, and prepare expenses here.

The status of the expense you created is still “unreported”. This means that this hasn’t been added to a report and cannot be submitted for approval yet. 

Part 2: Prepare Expenses Record for Submission

Step 1: Go to mceclip12.png

Step 2: Click on the mceclip13.png icon 

Step 3: You will see this screen below: 



Step 4: Type in the title of the report (e.g., local expense) in the mceclip15.png  field

Step 5: Indicate the coverage period of the expense items to be included in this report in the mceclip16.pngfields. 

Step 6: mceclip17.pngThis field will appear depending on how your account is set up. You can input the purpose for this report into this field. 

Step 7: Once done, click on mceclip18.png 

Step 8: Click on the report that was just created


Step 9: Click on “More Options” in the lower right corner


Step 10: Click on “Include Expense”


Step 11: The screen will show all the expenses created. You can choose the expenses you want to include in the report and click on “Include” in the upper right corner.


Step 12: This time, you will see the total amount of the expenses included in the report on this screen 


NOTE that the status is still “Unsubmitted”

Step 13: Click on the Report you want to submit and the page you will see is similar to below:


Step 14: When you click on Submit at the lower-left corner of the screen, you will be prompted to confirm your Approver 


Step 15: Click on mceclip26.png on the upper right corner to complete your submission. 

Step 16: The status of the report will then change to Submitted as shown on the image below: 


NOTE: If in case after submission, you would like to modify any of the information you have submitted, you can click on the mceclip28.png button at the bottom of the screen. 

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