Transport Claim Guide


Transport Claim will allow users to submit a transport claim based on distance and the rate setup in your account. 


To set up, go to Configuration and look for the mceclip0.pngtab at the top. Click on it. You will see this page next:



Step 1: Put a tick in mceclip3.pngso that users will be able to see the transport claim form on their end.

NOTE: Even if the Transport Claim function has been enabled on your account upon request, you still need to enable this on your system.


Step 2: You can indicate the default unit (either Kilometers or Miles) in this field


Initially, you will be able to change from kilometer to mile and vice versa. But once the transport claim has been used with the default unit set, you will not be able to change it anymore.


Step 3: You can indicate the default categories for the two different transport claims into these fields


Step 4: You can choose to enable these options to allow users to edit the distance and rates


NOTE: If any of these options are ticked, users will be able to overwrite the system calculated distance and rates.

Step 5: Click on mceclip7.png

Step 6: You can set up the rates by clicking on mceclip8.png at the lower-left corner of the page


Step 7: A pop-up window will appear where you can indicate the start date, transport type, as well as the rate


  1. Start Date – will always show the current date
  2. Transport Type – you can set for either car or motorbike
  3. Rate per KM/Mile – input the rate you want the system to use as the basis for calculation

Step 8: Click on mceclip12.png

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