Multi-Country Public Holiday


Multi-Country Public Holiday  allows you to assign different Public Holidays to each of your staff, especially if you manage staff from different countries. Taking it one step further, for countries with multiple states, this feature allows you to configure the PH on a state level and assign different state Public Holidays to different employees as required. This is now available for use and configuration on the account

The guide below shows how to setup this feature on the account. The instructions are divided into 3 parts.



Step 1: Login to the account

Step 2: Click on people.png 

Step 3: Go to employees.png

Step 4: This will bring you to the page that shows the list of employees in your system:



Step 5: Click on one of the names in the list (In this example, we’ll use “Jen Xuan”). You will be brought to the page where the details of the staff are shown:



Step 6: On the Basic Information section, click on “Edit”



Step 7: Scroll down and look for the “Work Location/Country” field


Note: If the Work Location field is not visible, please take a look at the Access Level settings for this employee. More information about configuring Access levels can be found here.


Step 8: Choose the country/work location that the staff is working at (This selection will determine the set of Public Holidays that will be applied for the staff)



NOTE: If a country with different states is chosen (Malaysia for example), another field will be displayed, so that the state may be specified as well:



Step 9: Click  mceclip9.png  to save the changes

NOTE: Once the steps above are completed, the public holidays for the country/state assigned to each staff will automatically be applied. If further amendments are needed for the public holidays for each country/state, please see STEP 2 below.



Step 1: Go to settings.png

Step 2: Click on company_settings_2.png

Step 3: Go to the public_holidays.png tab at the top

Step 4: You should be able to view the different public holidays for each country that was assigned to the staff in People module


NOTE: If a country with different states have been set up in Part 1, this is how it would look like:


*If customizing the public holidays that are already displayed on this page is necessary, you can add/edit/delete accordingly


To Add Customized Public Holidays:

Step 1: Choose the country/state you would like to add a public holiday to.


Step 2: Click on add_custom.png

Step 3: Complete the fields in the pop-up window:


Step 4: Click on save.png


To Edit a Customized Public Holiday

Step 1: Search for the public holiday created:


Step 2: Click on the public holiday (NOTE: Customized public holidays are clickable, as compared to system default public holidays that can’t be clicked)

Step 3: Edit the information (Date and public holiday name) from the pop-up window:


Step 4: Click on save.png

To Delete:

Step 1: Search for the public you want to be disabled

Step 2: Toggle to slider 


NOTE: The slider should show as: mceclip22.png



On the staff’s end, the public holidays displayed on the leave calendar will reflect the country that was assigned to them: 

View on staff Jen Xuan’s Leave Calendar on the website


Public Holiday Widget on Leave Dashboard:


If user clicks on “View Public Holidays” Button:


View on staff Jen Xuan’s Leave Calendar on the mobile app


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