JustLogin Integration with Microsoft Teams


Collaboration has always been the key to a more efficient and productive workforce in any company. This is something that JustLogin has always looked into, to make everything seamless for all our clients. The newest collaboration we have to offer is between Microsoft Teams and JustLogin. You can easily login to your account whilst logged in to your Microsoft Teams account, without the need to open a new browser tab or window.

Add JustLogin to Microsoft Teams

Step 1: Login to your Microsoft Teams account. Look at the left-hand panel and look for the “Apps” icon.

Step 2: Look for the JustLogin App from the list. You can also type in “JustLogin” in the search field and click on it:

Step 3: A pop-up window will appear, with a description and information of what the app is for. Click on “Add”.

Step 4: We support two types of login:

A: Normal Login (Can be used if login ID in JustLogin is different with the login ID used in Microsoft Teams

A1. Click on “Login”.

A2: The login page to JustLogin will appear. Kindly enter your login details.

B. Login with Microsoft (Can be used if login ID in JustLogin is the same as the email address in Microsoft Teams):

B1. Click on “Login with Microsoft”.

B2. A pop-up window will show up, prompting you to input your password.

B3. Once password is entered, click on “Sign In”.

Step 6: You now have access to your JustLogin account within Microsoft Teams!

Step 7: You can right-click on “JustLogin” in the right-hand panel, to “Pin” the app, this will allow you to easily access JustLogin anytime you need to, without the need to search for the app.

Live Collaboration with Teams Meeting

As we want your collaboration experience between Microsoft Teams and JustLogin as useful and seamless as ever, integrating both will allow the roster in JustLogin’s Attendance Module to be shared while in a presentation in Microsoft Teams! Here’s how this can be done:

NOTE: Everyone in the Teams Meeting should have had completed the integration steps above to be able to view the roster being presented as well as any edits made in real time.

Step 1: Create a Meeting via Teams (add all the necessary participants).

Step 2: Add JustLogin tab while in the meeting:

        2A: When you have joined the meeting, click on the “+” sign in the upper area of the Teams Meeting screen and click on the JustLogin app to add this tab into the meeting:

       2B: If you haven’t logged in to your JustLogin account, you will be prompted to login (you may use the steps from above to choose the login method and get yourself authenticated): 

If you have logged in before, you will see this screen, click on “Save”.

        3B. You will then be able to see the JustLogin app tab at the top:

To initiate live collaboration:

Step 1: Click on the JustLogin tab at the top:

Step 2: Click on the “Share” icon to start sharing the roster:

Step 3: The roster page on Attendance in JustLogin will then be shared to all participants in the meeting. Any edits made on the roster will be seen live by the participants on their end, as well as whoever made the edits.

Live Collaboration View:

Left Screen: Presenter’s View

Right Screen: Participant’s View


The Microsoft Teams app allows you to submit a leave application. To submit an application for leave through the app, you must access the Justlogin menu.

Step 1: Log in to the Microsoft Teams app and go to the Justlogin menu and the system will ask you to log in your Justlogin account. 


Step 2: From the Homepage, click the chat icon. 


Step 3: Click on Sign in button. 


Step 4: You may Select or type the Command here. For example, Apply Leave.


Step 5: Select the Leave Type and Leave date. 


Step 6: Click on Apply Leave button. 


Step 7: You will see the summary of your Leave Application and if everything is correct, you may click on Confirm button. 


Step 8: You will receive a chat to confirm that the Leave Application has been submitted successfully. 



Aside from Applying Leave, approvers can also do the Approval through the App. 

Just choose the Show Leave Approval command to see the list of pending Leave applications wherein you can Approve or Reject Leave. 







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