Approval Flow - Expense and Benefit

Approval WorkFlow for the Expense and Benefit modules are in Company Settings.


Step 1: Go to Settings and click on Company settings 323.png.

Step 2: Click on 324.png.


NOTE: The steps below apply for both Benefit and Expense. Click the corresponding module to setup.

Step 3: You can set the Default Workflow or create a customized approval flow.

The Default Settings is generally for ALL employees. To edit, click on default_settings.png

then mceclip3.png.


Step 4: Create the name of your Default Settings.


Step 5: Select the Benefit Approving Officer by clicking the dropdown and choose from the options.


  • Super Admin– Superuser on the account
  • Manager– The staff's assigned Supervisor (see User Admin)  
  • Manager’s Manager– The assigned Supervisor of the submitter’s Supervisor
  • Specific User– anyone who is a Benefit User

You can add another approval level, if required. Click on mceclip7.png

and the second field of the Benefit Officer will then be available for you to set.


Do the same steps for any additional approval levels.

Step 6: You can set for a notification email to be sent out after the Benefit claim has been approved. Click the dropdown to see the list of employees and select accordingly.


Step 7: Click on Apply, and select whether  328.png .

  • If mceclip11.png , this will become the approval flow for ALL employees.

You will see this pop-up message:


Tick whichever is applicable, and then click on Save Changes.

  • Selecting mceclip13.png will let you choose from the employees list. A pop-up window will appear:


Select the name/s to whom this WorkFlow will apply to, then click on Save Changes.

If you want to create a separate approval flow for a specific staff, you can directly go to the Benefit Approvals page and click on the pencil icon under the Actions column.


Follow steps 5 - 8 above to assign a WorkFlow to the employee.

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