Benefit Administrator Guide

The Benefit module is designed to help you manage your flexi-benefits policies. This guide will show you how to set up a pool of Benefit options for your employees, and also how to process the claims submitted by your employees as an Administrator.

Benefit Configuration

General Configuration

This Configuration is a general company-wide setting, which will apply to all Benefit users in the system.  

Step 1: From the main menu, go to  ben23.jpg .

Step 2: Click on  mceclip1.png.

This will bring you to the setup page. Please complete the fields.


  • Currency – The base currency the claims will be submitted in. You may tick the box if you would like the currency symbol to be reflected on the form.
  • Transfer to payroll – Tick this option If you would like to transfer the approved Benefit claims into the Payroll module.

NOTE: Please ensure the Benefit Type is mapped to the corresponding Pay Elements in your Payroll module Configuration (see step under Benefit Type).  

Step 3: Click on the  mceclip3.pngbutton to save the setting you have made.  


Benefit Categories Setup

To set up the different Benefit options available in your Company, go to Categories.

Step 1: Go to mceclip5.png.

Step 2: Click on  mceclip6.pngbutton on the top right-hand section of the Categories page.

Step 3: Update the fields of the Benefit category you are creating.


  • Category Name– Enter the name for the Benefit category.
  • Icon – Click the dropdown list to select your preferred icon.
  • Description – Enter description of what this Benefit category is for. Keep this explanation within the 500 characters limit.

Step 4: Click on the  mceclip8.pngbutton to proceed to the next section of setting a Benefit policy for this  created category.

Benefit Policy

You can create different policies based on the entitlements. 

Step 1: To create Benefit policies, go to the Benefit Types tab and click mceclip9.png.

Step 2: Fill in the policy details.


  • Benefit policy* – The name of the Benefit policy under this category.
  • Entitlement Amount (per year)* - Enter the total amount employee is entitled to for this policy.

Step 3: If the entitlement amount increases based on the employee’s years of services in the company, you may enable the option to setup entitlements based on years of service:


Step 4: Click on mceclip12.pngto add more increments for additional years.  

Step 5: To add more Benefit policies to this category, (e.g. different groups of employees are entitled to different amounts under this category), click on mceclip13.pngand repeat steps 6 – 8.

Step 6: Click on the dropdown option to update the policy for new employees.


Step 7: Update if Benefit can only be applied during a certain period for new employees. 


Step 8: Update the percentage that can be carried forward into the following year:


Step 9: Click on the mceclip17.pngbutton to proceed to the next part of setting the Benefit types.

Benefit Type

You can add the different types of benefits that fall under the category. 

Step 1: To create benefit types, go to the Benefit Types tab and click mceclip18.png.


Step 2: Enter the name of the Benefit type and map to the corresponding Pay Element(from Payroll).


Note: Link to Pay Element will show only if "Transfer to Payroll" is enabled in Configuration. Skip this step if not applicable. If preferred pay element hasn't been created yet, refer to Payroll > Configuration > Payroll > Pay Elements. 

Step 3: Add a description to establish your benefit types so employees will have a better understanding of the available benefits and how to maximize them.


Step 4: Select option whether attachments are mandatory or optional for employees.


NOTE: File in png, jpg, jpeg, and pdf format is accepted. Maximum of 5 files, 5mb per file.

Step 5: Enable co-sharing option if required. This feature allows both employer and employee to contribute to the payment of a benefit by setting a pre-determined percentage. 


Step 6: If you require setting a limit for the Benefit Type, you may enable the capping options - per claim, per month, per year, or all. Enter the amount limit.


Step 6: Click on the  mceclip23.pngbutton to save the setting you have made. Upon successful creation, you will see a new record added to the Benefit Type:


To update or edit existing Benefit Type created, click on the pencil Icon mceclip25.png under Action column.

To remove or delete existing Benefit Type, click on the mceclip26.png icon under Action column.


Approval Configuration

The approval flow for Benefit is available in the Company Settings level. Whether you have one approval flow for all staff or different ones per employee, you have the option to set it according to your business needs.


Step 1: Go to mceclip28.png.

Step 2: Click on mceclip29.pngthen go to Approvals > Benefit.


Step 3: Click  ben9.jpg to get started.

Step 4: Enter the WorkFlow Name.


Step 5: Select the Approver for this WorkFlow.


  • Super Admin – Superuser on the account
  • Manager – The staff's assigned Supervisor (see User Admin)  
  • Manager’s Manager – The assigned Supervisor of the submitter’s Supervisor
  • Specific User – anyone who is a Benefit User

Step 6: Click ben13.jpg  should you need to add more levels.

Step 7: Select who should be notified after the final approval.


Step 8: Click  mceclip36.png to save, whether this WorkFlow is applicable for all employees or to specific user/s.


‘Apply to all employees’ will update for all Benefit users, and the Approver Settings will show as Default:


‘Apply to specific employees’ option will only save changes for selected employee/s, which will now be a considered a custom workflow.


Step 9: To change from Default to a different workflow, click Edit (pencil icon) under Action.


Step 10: Click the Edit(pencil icon) for the new workFlow name, and select the Approver/s and final approval notification setting.


Step 11: Click Apply - Save Custom Approval.


Approver Settings will show as Custom:




Step 1: To make any adjustments for your employee’s Benefits, go to  mceclip45.png.

Step 2: Complete the fields as required for the employee(s).


Update the details for who you are doing the adjustment for:  

  1. For Year – Select the year that the adjustment is being made for.
  2. Benefit Category – Select the Benefit category the adjustment is under. 
  3. Employees – Select which employee(s) this adjustment is being made for.
  4. Amount – the value of the claim adjustment.
  5. Effectivity Date – Select the date when this entitlement adjustment will be applied.
  6. Remarks– If there are any additional comments to supplement this claim, you may enter here.

Step 3: Click on the  mceclip49.png button to confirm and submit the adjustment.

Step 4: Any adjustments done will be reflected under the ‘History’ tab. You will be able to check all past adjustments that you have successfully saved here.


Benefit Users: 

Where you can check and update which employees are entitled to and able to apply for Benefits entitlements.

Step 1: Ensure employees who are eligible and allowed to submit claims are ticked.


Step 2: Click on the  mceclip49.pngbutton to confirm the changes.

Approval of Employee Benefit Claims

Step 1: To approve your employees’ submitted Benefit claims, go to mceclip64.png.

All submitted claims for your approval will show under the Pending Actions tab. This is where you can approve or reject the claims.


Step 2: To view the details of the employee claim, click on the eye icon under Action column.


Step 3: Review the details, and then click on mceclip67.png to approve the individual claim.


Step 4: Click mceclip69.png to proceed to approve.


You may repeat the same steps for all other pending approvals, or you may also approve all in one go from the Pending Actions page.

Step 5: To approve via the Pending Actions page, tick the box of the selected claims to approve, click mceclip71.png, then click confirm on the popup window.


Step 6: Once the claims have been approved, this notification will appear on the top right-hand side of your screen to confirm action.


How to Reject a Claim

Step 1: Follow steps 1-3 on how to approve the claim.

Step 2: From the claim details page, select the Reject button instead.


Step 3: Add remarks as to why the claim is rejected. Click mceclip76.pngto submit.


Step 4: A notification message will appear to confirm the action.


You can also reject the claim from the Pending Actions page.

Step 5: Tick the box/es selected and click the Reject button on the lower-left side corner. Follow steps 2-3 above to proceed.


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