AI - Fields Suggestion

Are you creating custom forms, but not sure what fields to include? Try out our AI Fields Suggestion feature, which will prompt you with possible fields you can include in your form creation!

Once you start creating a form, next to the form name, you will see the AI Robot button:

Click on the AI Robot button. Wait for the AI to load, then you will see suggestions populated for you based on your Form title. Browse through the list of suggested fields provided by the AI.

If you would like to add any of these suggestions to your form, simply click on the icon. The system will then include your selection, and you will see a message confirming that the field has been successfully added.

Any of the fields added will be visible under the section where you are building the form fields for creation.

After adding the necessary fields using the AI suggestions, proceed to create the form as usual. For detailed instructions on creating custom forms, please refer to our comprehensive guide here:

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