Expense App Chat Messaging

The Expense Mobile App now offers the chat messaging tool. A chat window can be found inside the expense app which allows the Submitter and Approver to exchange messages.

Once the Expense report has been created, the Submitter can contact the Approving Officer using the chat feature.

Here is how the Submitter can start a chat.

Step 1: Log in to the Expense App.

Step 2: Go to the Reports Menu.


Step 3: Select which report to start a chat for.


Step 4: Once inside the report, click on the green chat icon at the bottom right.


Step 5: From here, you can begin to type your message to the Approving Officer.


This is how your message will look like once it’s sent.


Here is how the Approving Officer can reply to the chat:

Step 1: Log in to the Expense App.

Step 2: From the Homepage of the App, go to the More menu.


Step 3: Click on Approvals.


Step 4: From the To Do page, you will see the Expense claims. You may click on the round green icon to filter the claims.


Here are the options:

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Step 5: Click on the claim to respond to the chat.


Step 6: You can view the claim details on this page, and the chat icon is in the lower right.


Step 7: The Approving Officer can respond to the message from here.

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