Enable for AI Features for Job Openings

We have several AI features that are interconnected and work together. To use them, you need to enable the AI function for each job opening you have created.

If you're setting up a new job opening, you can activate the AI Configuration in the 4th step of the Job Opening Creation process:

If you've already created the Job Opening, you can still edit and enable the AI configuration.

Step 1. Navigate to

Step 2. Click on

Step 3. Click on the eye  Icon under Action column to view the job details.

Step 4. Navigate to the last tab, “AI Configurations”

Step 5. Activate the AI features for Parsing Resumes and Scoring Resumes by toggling the Enable switch.

Step 6. For the Resume Scoring AI feature, you can input your preferred evaluation criteria and press enter. The more criteria you add, the better AI can score candidates.

Step 7. Click on

Saving these AI configurations enables you to utilize AI tools such as automated Resume Parsing, Candidate Scoring, Candidate Comparison, and Candidate Summary.

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