Recruitment Configuration - Career Page

For all the job openings that you have created in Recruitment, we offer a ready-made career page for your company! Simply follow these steps to integrate it seamlessly into your website:

Step 1. Navigate to  

Step 2. Click on  

Step 3. Locate the Career Page sub-tab

Step 4. Enable the ready-made career page feature by toggling the switch to the "on" position.

Step 5. Once enabled, a unique URL for your company's career page, populated with all active job openings, will be generated.

Step 6. If you wish to make this career page visible to the public, click on the toggle to enable it.

Step 7. Customize your career page's appearance by uploading your company logo, adding a company description, and incorporating additional images to showcase your company culture.

Step 8. After adding the desired details, copy the URL. You will receive a prompt confirming that the link has been copied.

Finally, paste the link into your company's website or open it in a new browser tab to preview how it looks with all your active job openings!


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