Kiosk App : Installation and Launching of App

Download Kiosk App

Open App Store/PlayStore and search for ”JustLogin Kiosk” click on the download button. Once the download is completed launch the kiosk App. (Note: The JustLogin Kiosk App has a blue bar at the top)


Sign in to Kiosk App

The person to sign in for the kiosk app must be the Attendance Administrator or with Attendance Mobile App Administrator rights.

When the kiosk app is launched, the following screen will appear.


To sign in, the administrator will need to input their company ID, username and password.


Then click on the mceclip2.png button


PIN Screen

Once the administrator has successfully signed in to the app, the PIN screen will appear.


The PIN for the staff must be set up before the staff can use this screen to clock in/out.

If you have not set up the pin, kindly refer to this link to learn how to do that.

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