SafeClock - Administration and Configuration Guide


Due to the Covid-19 case, we have launched a new feature called “SafeClock” which is integrated with the Attendance module. Each company can now help prevent the spread of the virus by the technology brought by our software.

NOTE: To avail of this feature, please contact your Account Managers for more information. The device will be configured by our Tech Team in order to start using this feature. Once this is enabled, this will be an additional module and shown only in Express


Assign Reference Photo:

The administrator can assign reference photos for each user by following the steps below. It is recommended that you upload 2 unmasked and 1 masked photo for the system to be able to accurately identify the users.

Assign Reference Photo:

The administrator can assign reference photos for each user by following the steps below. It is recommended that you upload 2 unmasked and 1 masked photo for the system to be able to accurately identify the users.

Step 1: Log in to the account

Step 2: Click on mceclip1.png

Step 3: Go to mceclip2.png

Step 4: Look for the mceclip3.pngtab at the top

Step 5: You will see the page similar to below:


Step 6: Click on mceclip5.png This will allow you to choose a file saved on your computer.

Step 7: Once you have successfully uploaded the images, you should see the image in this area:


Step 8: The images on the left portion are images that were taken from the device itself and can also be used as the profile image if preferred. To do so, put a tick in the tick box beneath the image you want to use as the profile image and then click on mceclip7.pngbutton at the lower right area of the screen.


Device Configuration

This page allows the admin to set different rules from the Company down to visitors’ settings.

Step 1: Log in to the account

Step 2: Click on mceclip9.png

Step 3: Go to mceclip10.png

Step 4: Click on the mceclip11.pngtab at the top. Each section on this page will be discussed below:

Company Settings – This shows the company name and an option to where the company logo can be uploaded or the QR code that can be scanned by visitors who clocks in via SafeClock.


To upload the company logo or the QR code, please follow the steps below

NOTE: Please make sure that you already have the SafeEntry QR code/Company logo saved on your computer. The recommended size is 164x164 pixels and the maximum is 15kb.

Step 1: Click on the box mceclip13.png

Step 2: Search for the QR code/Company logo that you have saved on your computer.

Step 3: Once successful, you should be able to see the QR code/Company logo inside the field.


Device Settings – These are settings for the device you are using


  1. Live Body Detection – allows admin to enable this to capture the image even though there is a movement on the subject.
  2. Language
  3. LED light – if this is turned on, the Live Body Detection setting should also be turned on.
  4. Working Hours – these should be the normal office hours
  5. Motion Detect – allows the admin to identify how sensitive the device will be when a motion is detected (10 as highest).

Door Settings - allows admin to set a delay time (in seconds) of when the door will stay open.



Mask Recognition Settings – allows the admin to switch mask detection on or off. This requires the employee or visitor to wear a mask for facial recognition.



Face Recognition Settings


  1. Face Recognition Distance – this allows the device up to how far the device can recognize the face.
  2. Face Recognition interval – allows the device to recognize another face after a certain period (in seconds).
  3. Face Recognition Score – allows the device to do facial recognition with accuracy scores up to 80% from the reference photos set.
  4. Voice for successful recognition – allows admin to customize a voice to be broadcasted after the successful recognition.
  5. Display Text for successful recognition – aside from voice, this display text is an option to choose should you wish to display messages instead of broadcasting every successful face recognition.



Visitor Alert – allows the admin to set how the visitors are identified via the device. There are 3 options:

  • Strangers are not recognized – if this is chosen, the device will not capture any image and the door will not open.
  • Identify strangers, but they are not allowed to pass through – images will be captured through the device, but the door will not open.
  • Identify strangers and allow passage if body temperature is normal – there will be images captured and the door will open if the temperature is normal or below.

Visitor Recognition Level – allows the admin to set the level of how the device can recognize visitors (10 being the highest).

Voice for Visitors Alert – allows admin to customize a voice to be broadcasted upon visitor’s entrance.


Temperature Settings


1) Temperature reading

2) Temperature threshold – allows the admin to set the normal body temperature.

3) High-Temperature Alert – if set to ON, an alert will be triggered whenever someone clocks in/out with a high temperature (based on the temperature set)

4) High-Temperature Alert Voice - allows admin to customize a voice to be broadcasted if the visitor or employee has a temperature of more than the threshold.

The bottom of the page shows the SafeClock device details your company has subscribed to. To assign a Door Admin, please refer to this link: 



SafeEntry Settings - Employees can now check-in via Safeclock with SafeEntry and will be notified via the mobile app and email after the successful clocking.


  • If this option is ticked, employees and visitors will be checked in into SafeEntry upon using the SafeClock device
  • You can indicate in this field for how long the QR code is to be displayed for visitors utilizing the SafeClock device
  • Put a tick into this option if you want a push notification (via mobile) and email sent to SafeClock users

The lower portion of the page displays the SafeEntry details of the employees:


Things to take note of in this section:

  • For NRIC and FIN that are currently saved, the system will automatically sort under each column accordingly
  • For new NRIC/FIN that you want to be saved for SafeEntry use, it must be entered into the necessary columns
  • The system will ensure that the correct NRIC/FIN has been entered, as well as check for duplicates.

At the bottom of this page shows this box of notes/disclosures/agreement regarding COVID-19:



SafeClock Summary - Employees who clock in using the device will show the clock data under the SafeClock Summary page if the image is recognized.


Visitors – If the person who uses the SafeClock device is not recognized, the image will be displayed under the Visitors tab


Visitors Log – When visitors use SafeClock, they will be prompted to scan SafeEntry QR code to fill in SafeEntry information including name, NRIC/FIN, mobile no., person to visit, and purpose of visit. The system will capture necessary information and display it here at Visitors Log.


Door Access Log - this is where you can keep track of who among the door admins have opened the door to visitors


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