SOCSO+EIS Combined Format for MY Companies

SOCSO and EIS File Generation are previously in separate tabs under File Generation > Statutory Files.

A new tab renamed as “PERKESO” is now available.

Under the Perkeso tab, File Type Dropdown is added which includes the newly introduced format - SOCSO+EIS, as well as the existing formats - SOCSO and EIS formats.

SOCSO+EIS combined format generates the .txt file which includes individual Employers’ and Employees’ SOCSO and EIS contribution amounts. SOCSO and EIS formats on the other hand, remains the same.


In generating a Perkeso - SOCSO+EIS file, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to mceclip0.png .

Step 2: Click on mceclip1.png .

Step 3: Under the Perkeso sub-tab, select the type of file you want to generate.


Step 5: Click on mceclip4.png. The generated file will show below.


Clicking on the green download icon will download the file in your computer. 


This is how the file looks like.


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