MY Payroll - OCBC Host to Host Direct Submission

OCBC Host-to-Host Direct Submission is now available for Malaysia Payroll. This feature will allow the Justlogin system to generate files for Bank, SOCSO and EPF, to be pushed to the OCBC server for direct submission.

Customer will need to contact OCBC in order to request the Host-to-host direct submission. The system will follow a pre-defined file format, as specified by OCBC.


It will start with the Prefix, followed by the Organization ID, and the file type whether it’s a Bank File, SOCSO or EPF, followed by the submitted date then the 3 d-digit running number.



To generate the file, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to sfbdsfgbdfg.png.

Step 2: Click on sk;fbs;kjfd.png.

Step 3: Click on ijgbvf.png.

Step 4: On the Bank Submission Format, choose Direct Bank File Transfer.


Step 5: Click on ijtgvbd;dfr.png.

Step 6: When you click on the Download button under the Actions column ijfvbslfd.png, you will see the different files that have been generated. You can click on the icon across the file name to download the actual file and view the data.


Step 7: To do the direct submission, click the view icon under the Action column.


Step 8: You will see the list of file types. You can select which file/s you want to submit to OCBC by ticking the box accordingly.


Step 9: Click on sgdhfdhghfhgf.png.

Step 10: You will see a confirmation message:


The system will transfer the file to FTP, then OCBC will pick up the file from the FTP server.

Once the file is submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement message from the OCBC server.


If the submission is successful, you will see a Success message on the Bank Status column and you will also see a Bank Status Message ‘Received at GFX’.


If unsuccessful, you will see a Fail under Bank Status and the View Errors on the Bank Status Message can be clicked to view the detailed error message.



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