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EA Form or Form EA, is an annual statement of earnings provided to employees in Malaysia, crucial for accurate income tax filing. According to Malaysian law (Section 83(1A) of the Income Tax Act 1967), employers must distribute the EA Form to their employees by February 28th following the financial year. 

The EA form contains vital information such as gross salary, overtime pay, commissions, and more, necessary for employees to file their income taxes correctly.

For instructions on downloading Form EA from JustLogin, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to Payroll and click on File Generation

Step 2. Go to 'Tax Forms' tab, and select 'Yearly' sub-tab

Step 3. Choose 'Form EA',  then select the year you wish to generate, and select the department

You can either choose specific departments or select all.

Departments selection.png

Step 4. Once done, click  Go.PNG 

Step 5. You will then see the table below created:

  • Process Date: This indicates the date when the table was generated.
  • Process by: Refers to the person or entity responsible for generating the table.
  • Year: Shows the specific year chosen for processing.
  • Total Employees: Indicates the number of employees included in the payroll for that year.
  • Status: "In Queue" means the system is currently in the process of generating the form. It will change to "Completed" once the process is finished.
  • Success: A number under here means the process was completed successfully.
  • Failed: Indicates the process was unsuccessful. If there are failures, you can click on the number to identify and review the errors. Correct the errors and initiate the process again for successful completion.

Step 5. Click on the number under "Success" to view the Employee List.

Note: The EA form includes deactivated staff if payroll was processed for them in the specified years. To send the file to these individuals, download it from the system and send it separately, as they are no longer active in the system.

You have the option to either send or download Form EA entries in bulk or individually.

If there are more than 10 entries, adjust the view settings to display all employees. Then, select all by clicking the white box and choose or

means sending to the employees’ mailbox based on the email address saved in the system. If they don’t have an email address, you can download the form and send it separately to them.

Alternatively, you can manually send or download files individually by clicking the icons provided. Files are available in PDF or Excel format.

  1. Send via Email to Employee
  2. Download EA form in PDF format
  3. Download EA form in Excel format
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