How to Create a Job Opening


Recruitment module is designed to help track and manage your hiring process from posting jobs to scheduling interviews and managing applications. This guide will show you how to set up job postings as an administrator.

Create Job Opening

Step 1. Go to .

Step 2. Click on ndlkngdg.png which will direct you to the Job Openings Listing Page.

Step 3. Click on sjbdjsds.png.

This brings you to the first part of creating the details of the job opening. You can track which step of creation you are at from the progress bar.


Step 4. Enter the details of the Job Opening.

  • Job Title: The name of the job or position. Eg. Human Resource Executive
  • Location: The geographic location of the job position
  • Job Description: The details of the tasks, duties, function, and responsibilities. Take note that there is a 500-character limit.
  • Number of Positions: The number of vacancies / applicants to be hired
  • Skill Set: Range of skills or abilities relevant to the position
  • Experience (Year): Number of years for experience required
  • Annual Salary: Salary range of the job position
  • Company Industry: Primary Business activity of the hiring company
  • Job Type: Nature of the job position, eg. Full Time / Part Time / Intern / Contract
  • Education: Education Qualifications required
  • Document Upload: If there are any Documents to share

Step 5. Once the details are completed, to save and continue later, click on  if you would like to continue to the next part of creating a job position, click on ljkvbkj.png.


Update Hiring Stages

The second part of creating job openings, is to add the various hiring stages.

Step 1. To add a hiring stage, click on fjbskjdfsd.png.

Step 2. Select the type of stage.


  • Plain Stage could include any internal process such as the pre-screening stage of selecting or shortlisting candidates before the interview.  


  • Interview Stage would be when the interviewer meets with the Job candidate. You may select which users will be interviewing the candidate, the interview mode and duration
  • Review Stage would be a record of how the interview went, reviewed by those who interviewed the candidate. Set up an evaluation form for the reviewers by clicking on ‘Set up Evaluation Form’  

Then, click on dihgf.png to create a rating scale or binary Yes / No question for your desired Review Questions. 

You may also see how the evaluation form looks like by clicking on djgbdfg.png.


Step 3. Once the stages are added, to save and continue later, click on ihdlfds.png r if you would like to continue to the next part of creating a job position, click on ljkvbkj.png.


Update Questions for Applicant Experience

The third part of creating job openings is to update the application form for the job opening.

Step 1. Update the questions that you would like the applicants to fill up for the job opening.


If you would like to include the default fields, tick the box next to the field and if you would like to make it mandatory, ensure the bar is enabled in green.


Step 2. You can add your own custom questions, by clicking on +Add a Question


Type in your question or title, then select the answer type in the dropdown menu and click save.

For example, if you select the answer type as 'Single Option Selection' you can set up binary questions for the applicants to select from your options created: 

Step 3. Once the questions have been completed you may click on dijbgfdg.png to preview what applicants would see and be required to complete.


AI Configuration

The last part of creating job openings, is to enable AI configurations.


If you would like to use AI features for the job opening, you may enable the options here. Saving these AI configurations enables you to utilize AI tools such as automated Resume Parsing, Candidate Scoring, Candidate Comparison, and Candidate Summary.

Step 1. Activate the AI features for Parsing Resumes and Scoring Resumes by toggling the Enable switch.

Step 2. Add in your desired criteria for AI resume evaluation. Type in your criteria and press enter. 

Step 3. Once the details are completed, to save and continue later, click on bsfkjbfjksdf.png or if you would like to continue to the next part of creating a job position, click on obfksjfgds.png.

Step 4. Clicking on Publish will show you a popup window. You may choose to broadcast your job listing externally or internally in your account.


Step 6. Click kbfskdjfgd.png to confirm the selection.

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