User Guide to Activate/Reactivate 2FA

If the two-factor verification has been enabled on the mobile app for the users, and the user has changed to a different device, the guide below will show how users can transfer the verification to the new device. Before the steps below are done, please contact your System Administrator so that they can deactivate the verification system for you first.

If you are activating 2FA for the first time, please do steps 1-4 and then follow steps 6-8.


Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Click the area where you see your name:

Step 3: Choose 

Step 4: Click on 

Step 5: And then click on 

Step 6: After doing so, logout and log back in. Go back to:

then click on

Step 7: Follow the steps shown on the page to activate 2FA on the new device:

Step 8: Once activated please log out and try to log in again with your 2FA

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