My Profile & My Settings


My Profile and My Settings are for employees to check his/her own details and change account preferences.

My Profile:

An employee can check his/her own personal details under “My Profile” that admin has updated into the system:


The employee is able to update his/her own bank account details if the administrator enabled that function


My Settings:

The employee can change his/her login password under “Change Account Password”


The employee can set payroll pin to protect his/her own pay information when viewing the payslip. This secure setting will also apply for PDF copies of payslip sent via email.


The SingPass QR code login will allow users to login using the SingPass Mobile App instead of inputting log in password


NOTE: To setup SingPass mobile app installation, please refer to the link below:

Setup SingPass

There is now a language translation option, and you may select between English, Chinese Simplified, and Traditional Chinese.


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