Login using SingPass QR Code User Guide



The SingPass QR code login will allow users to log in using the SingPass Mobile App instead of having to remember their password. The guide will show the users how to set this up.


JustLogin User  - My Settings

Step 1: User has to log in to JustLogin

Step 2: Click on the down arrow beneath the name, click on My Setting


Step 3: Click at the SingPass QR Login panel

  • If subscribed to either or both Payroll module and/or eStaff module, the NRIC is prefilled and extracted from the employee's Pay Detail or eStaff data, thus this field is non-editable (image below as reference)

  • If not subscribed to either or both Payroll/eStaff modules, the NRIC field is opened for the employee to input. (Image below for reference)

Step 4: Check on the tick-box agreeing with JustLogin for the use of NRIC

Step 5: Click on 

Mobile App Installation

Step 1: Launch App Store or Play Store on your mobile and search for the SingPass Mobile app.

Step 2: Install the program

Step 3: Once install, launch the program

Step 4: The first page that users will see is the Grant Permissions page. Click on OKAY

Step 5: Allow SingPass all the permission of making phone calls and accessing photos, media, and other files on the device

Step 6: Allow Enable drawing over the app

Step 7: The system will then show users some messages. Users can proceed by clicking on the next and the last page will show the user the Get started with SingPass.

Step 8: The user will be directed to the SingPass login page.

Step 9: The user needs to enter their NRIC or FIN number

Step 10: Then the user will need to authenticate themselves using their SingPass password

Step 11: If correctly entered, the app will show that it has confirmed the identity of the user. Click on Continue

Step 12: The user will be asked to enter a new 6-digit SingPass  passcode for the app

Step 13: The user will then be asked to re-enter the same passcode

Step 14: (Optional) The app might prompt whether you want to use a fingerprint for access. This would depend on the user’s phone whether it supports fingerprint

Step 15: The user can click on the Done button


Login using Singpass 

Assuming everything is set up properly, the user can now use the SingPass to log in as opposed to using a password.

To do that, they need to

Step 1: Go to www.justlogin.com and click on the Login button as usual

Step 2: The login screen should look something like this with a SingPass QR code appearing.

Step 3: User needs to launch the SingPass app on their handphone.

Step 4: Select the SCAN option

Step 5: Once the QR code is scanned the app will show you that you are logging into JustLogin. The system will show the user the date and time. The user simply has to click on the Yes button

Step 6: The system will then prompt the user for the SingPass passcode or fingerprint for verification.

Step 7: Once done, the user will be then be logged in to your JustLogin account.

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