Unable to Log In / Forgot Password - Do a Reset Password

This is a guide to help a User reset his/her own Password (either the link has expired, or you need to change your password).

Pre-requisite: User needs to know the correct Company ID and User ID (both are not case-sensitive). If unsure, please contact your HR Administrator to get these details. You may also email us at support@justlogin.com to verify the details.


Step 1: Kindly click the link: https://www.justlogin.com/ForgotPassword.aspx.


Step 2: Enter your Company ID.

Step 3: Enter your User ID/Username.

Step 4: Click on the siubdkjbdfg.png button.


Step 5: Check your email and you should receive the message below.

Note: The link expires within 30 minutes.


Step 6: Click on  .

Step 7: You will be directed to a new page.


 Step 8: Enter your User ID/Username.

 Step 9: Enter your new password on the Password field.

 Step 10: Re-enter the new password on the Confirm Password field.

 Step 11: Click on  .

 Step 12: You have successfully reset your password! You may click 'Back to login' to go back to the login  page.



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