Unable to Log In / Forgot Password - Do a Reset Password

This is a guide to help a User Reset his/her own Password (either the link has expired or you need to change your password).

Pre-requisite: User need to know the correct Company ID and User ID (both are not case sensitive). If User do not know, please contact your HR Administrator to get these details. You may also email us to check it for you and make sure you indicate your complete company name. Email us at support@justlogin.com


Step 1: Kindly click the link: https://www.justlogin.com/ForgotPassword.aspx


Step 2: Enter Company ID

Step 3: Enter User ID

Step 4: Click on  button

Step 5: Check your email address and you should receive the message below.

Note: The link expires within 30 minutes only.


Step 6: Click on 

Step 7: You will be directed to a new page.


 Step 8: Enter User ID

 Step 9: Enter new password at the Password field

 Step 10: Enter the same password at the Confirm Password field

 Step 11: Click on 

 Step 12: Successfully done creating new set of password, kindly click BACK TO LOGIN


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