What are the Reports to Generate When You are Terminating Your Subscription with Justlogin


Before terminating the services of JustLogin, one of the most important steps to do is to gather all the necessary data that your company might need for reporting purposes. This article will guide you on some of the reports that you might need for each module and how to download each.


  • Leave Taken
    Step 1: Go to leave.png
    Step 2: Click on reports.png
    Step 3: Click on leave_query.png tab at the top. You can use the filters on this page and the option to download with or without remarks


  • Leave Balance - on this page, the admin can generate a report for all users per leave type per year.
    Step 1: Generate the Leave Balance report
    Step 2: Click on 122.png icon to view the report.
    Step 3: You can either click on the 123.png(Excel format) OR124.png(PDF format) buttons to save.
  • Leave Individual Report - on this page, the admin can generate a report for each user for all leave types per year
    Step 1: Generate the Leave Individual Report


  • Payroll Yearly by Employee (Report #14)

    Step 1: Go to PAYROLL.png
    Step 2: Click on reports.png
    Step 3: Click on Report 14, Payroll Yearly by Employee
    Step 4: Indicate the year of coverage 125.png
    Step 5: Click on 126.png
    Step 6: You can choose to view all users or just one by putting a tick beside the name/s of the staff.
    Step 7: Click on 128.png
    Step 8: Click on the Export button129.png

    The admin can then download all the users’ payrun details for the entire year in one go through this process.

    NOTE: In case you require other data, there are other reports which can be generated and downloaded under the Reports page.


  • Monthly Detailed Report - This report can be generated to get the clock in/out data of all users or a particular user for a month.
    Step 1: Go to 131.png
    Step 2: Click on reports.png
    Step 3: Click on 132.png tab at the top
    Step 4: Set the date of coverage and click on 126.png
    Step 5: To download/print the report, click on the 134.png icon and you can rename the file and click on 135.png
    Step 6: You need to go to the sub-Tab Report History  under Monthly Detailed Report to see the previously saved reports. 136.pngStep 7: You can click on the eye.png to download the report. Click on 138.png button to download the Excel file or the 139.png button to get a PDF copy.


  • Expense Reports - allow the admins to export the report to a PDF file by clicking on the Report Number.
  • Expense Summary - can be generated to capture all the expenses submitted of all users for a particular period.
    To download the report, please click on the 142.png button at the lower-right corner of your screen.


Under eForm, the admin can go to mceclip20.png

Step 1: Complete all the necessary fields


Step 2: Click on mceclip1.pngIt will then show all the forms. If the admin needs the actual form submitted will all the expenses, click on the view document icon to download the PDF file.


If the admin doesn’t need the actual form and just requires the overview, simply click on the Download Report button to have a copy of all the forms.



Should the admin require all the basic or personal information of the employees, head over to eStaff, and click on mceclip4.png

Step 1: Choose the filters you want the report to be based on


Step 2: Click on mceclip6.png

Step 3: The data can then be exported by clicking on the export icon:


Step 4: A pop-up window will appear. Indicate the file format you want to generate, then hit the mceclip9.png button.



Another option to export all the personal data of staff is through User Admin. This can be accessed by the superuser of the account.
Step1: Click on the area where you can see your name:


Step 2: From the pop-up window, click on User Admin

Step 3: Click on the bulk_import2.png tab at the top part of the page

Step 4: Choose 144.png button to download the basic details of the staff. 

NOTE: This can also be done for the other remaining modules:



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