How Synergita SSO Integration works


We have now made it possible to log-into Synergita Performance Management system from within JustLogin - without the need for any additional authentication.*

This feature is only applicable to companies that have subscribed to both JustLogin and Synergita.


Step 1: Log-in to the account

Step 2: Click on the area where you can see your name and a dropdown window will appear with a list of options, click on "My Setting"


Step 3: Choose 182.png

Step 4: Click on 183.png This then would auto-authenticate and open the Synergita website in a new browser tab.



What is required to make this happen?

  • If this is needed for your account, please contact to have this feature enabled
  • Companies should provide their Synergita URL for us to map it to their Justlogin account accordingly. If they are unsure of this, they will need to contact Synergita to retrieve the URL. 

    After the mapping, it will look like this

  • For this to work perfectly, the userID between Synergita and Justlogin should be the same.


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